Self Defence – January 2018 Meeting

Brazilian Jujitsu - Jan 2018_preview

2018 is now truly under way. We’ve had our first meeting of the year were local Mel Doran was on hand to teach some basic self defence. This lesson helped give a confidence boost to many of our ladies in their ability to defend themselves against any unwanted advances.  We all truly enjoyed our time on the mats learning the beginner steps in defending one’s personal space. Many thanks to Mel for her break through lesson!

February’s meeting will be Wednesday Feb 14th and will feature April Towriess sharing a little about her love of crochet.  She will be leading us through her personal pattern for a beautiful green heart, so that we can ‘Show The Love’ and our support for the WI’s climate change campaign around  for Valentine’s Day.

Check out our meetings page to see the events for this years’ program. Hope to see you there!

History of Nottingham Suffragettes – March Meeting Recap

Hello Everyone!


 Our March meeting walked us through the history of Nottingham’s very own suffragettes thanks to Dr Rowena Edlin from the Nottingham Women’s History Society. There were many great Ladies who paved the way for women in our area and it was fascinating to hear of their trials and tribulations during the Suffragette movement.


April Meeting –  12th of April 7:30 YMCA ICC

April is organ donation month and our speaker will be Janet who is coming to tell us about her personal experience of organ donation a key campaign of the WI

We will also have some Easter crafting going for those who fancy trying out some crafting.

Do join us for an interesting evening.

See you at the next meeting 🙂

So long and thanks for all the cake…

The end of the Manton era was signalled on International Women’s Day, Wednesday, 8th March 2017, when after two joyous years, I stood down as President of Nottingham City WI.  It’s been a whirlwind since I took office from our incredible founder President, Kerry Edwards-Kelsall, of jam (marmalade) and Jerusalem, Suffragettes and stitching, marching and martial arts, camping and cream teas, cheese and wine (and tales of the night), books and beer, flowers and frocks, quizzes and the Queen and oodles of fabulous, inspiring women… and tea… and cake!

Nottingham City WI             Royal Birthday Card

It was  a beautiful day to end on, joining with members of City, Gedling and Netherfield WIs to present a bench to Gedling Country Park in commemoration of International Women’s Day in unison with Cllr Roxanne Ellis.  The inscription on the bench is a quotation from James Oppenheim’s poem, ‘Bread and Roses’, an anthem for women around the world “As we go marching marching, we bring the greater days, for the rising of the women means the rising of the race”.

With the WI Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and being commissioned to papercut the WI’s official birthday card for Her Majesty the Queen, I’ve got closer to royalty than I could ever have anticipated!  But it is you, the ladies of Nottingham City WI and our Women’s Institute sisters around the globe who it’s been an honour to work alongside, as President.  It is to my utter delight that our new President will be the sublime Mrs Lucy Petford!  The official Presidential bell has been handed over and I’ll be her loudest cheerleader from the committee bench (you can look forward to THAT!) – good luck, lovely lady!

Women's Institute Bench

~ Manton xx

Light night and Chinese Tea Ceremony

What a lovely time we had at the February meeting learning all about Chinese tea and the traditional Chinese tea ceremony with Estelle Theanine of August Moon Tea!  We learned about the varying tea types of  delicious tea (green, red, and black), as well the calming benefits of meditating and taking some time to relax with your cup of tea. Great advice in the start of this busy year.  Special thanks to Estelle for showing us this great tradition

Our enchanted flower garden set up for light night in St Mary’s Rest Garden was a success! We had many interested passers by come visit the garden while on Nottingham’s Light Night Trail  and learn about our plans for the garden this year.  Many of them were not aware the garden existed and were excited to hear of some refurbished green space come to the city this summer.  Here are a few photos to showcase the wonderful work our ladies did to decorate the garden.







March’s meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th of March at the usual meeting spot at the YMCA International Community Centre. We  have invited Dr Rowena Edlin of the Nottingham Women’s History Society to tell us all about the history of the Suffragettes. So do join us to hear about the wonderful ladies who helped make Britain what it is today. See you soon!

February Meeting & Nottingham Light Night!

After the willow and tissue paper whirl of the last couple of weeks (creating our giant flower lanterns so that we can illuminate Barker Gate Rest Garden for Nottingham’s Light Night on Friday, 10th February), we are looking forward to the calming influence of Estelle Theanine of August Moon Tea!  Estelle will be joining us at our meeting on 8th February 2017 to introduce us to the tranquility and significance of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

August Moon Tea

We will also be creating our own green hearts to wear in support of The Climate Change Coalition’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign.  The Women’s Institute is a founding member of The Climate Change Coalition and use the green hearts as a visual reminder on Valentine’s Day to keep the issues of climate change in the public eye – why not do something green to Show The Love, yourself?

Don’t forget to come along and visit our enchanted flower garden on Friday evening, 10th February at Barker Gate Rest Garden, whilst you’re enjoying the rest of the fabulous illuminated spectacles around the city… Oh, and if you do come, please bring hot chocolate and / or cakey goodness!… Thank you!

~ Manton x


Summer Fete – September Meeting


20160914_191350-2Who doesn’t love a good summer fete? We had a great time exploring all of the bits and bobs of the different booths set up for our fete in September. We had lots on offer from cakes  and wine tombola to lace and books with so many things in between. We were able to share our pocket park garden plans with the some of the local WIs who attended and attracted several new members to the group.

A special thanks to all those who contributed to the booths and stood  by to help make our fete a success!


city-wi-beer-fest-for-online-jpgThere is a lot to look forward to this fall, our upcoming Beer Fest for one!  We have teamed up with lovely folk at the Crafty Crow and Magpie Brewery for our Beer Festival! this coming Saturday, October 8th at the Crafty Crow Pub.  It is a part of the Festival Fringe Fortnight of the Robin Hood Beer Festival. They’ve worked hard to source many of ales from Brewsters (female brewers!) from near and far and will have lots of tasty beers as well as their usual range of beverages available. We will have cake and craft booths running from 12-6pm, although the fest lasts all day.

We will also be holding a raffle with some great prizes from the local community including vouchers for Knit Nottingham, Stick & Ribbon, Carluccio’s, Georges Tradition, plus a basket from the Body Shop and many other items. The drawing will be at 6pm don’t miss it!

You don’t have to be a member of the WI to come, we’d love to see you whoever you are, but we’ll have lots on information on the WI and what we do, so come and see us!

If you have any items you would like to sell at the beer festival please contact one of the committee members to make arrangements.

Our October meeting also promises to be a tantalizing event, Tales of the Night with a Sex and The City theme. We will have lots of mocktails and cosmos available during an evening of risque talks. We have invited the Great British Sexpert , Rebecca Dakin, to talk us through her best dating stories and advice. Bring a friend or two as it promises to be a fascinating event! October 12th , 7:30pm – 9:30pm, YMCA International Community Center.

See you all soon!

Upcycling August Meeting


What a very busy meeting we had! We all had a lovely time learning about upcycling from Debra of Honey Bee. Debra shared with us some of her wonderful upcylcling creations and ideas, and led us through a simple beginners workshop. Many cuts, knots and cuppas later our worn out t-shirts were turned into shopping bags!  A great effort was made by all and we ended up with some very delightful creations.

20160810_194130-2 We also hosted a clothing swap witch allowed our members to update their summer wardrobes with out breaking the bank. It also allowed for well over 100 pieces of clothing to be donated to several local charities. Well done ladies!


As September starts we are getting ready for many exciting events including our summer fete. Please check out our events page on Facebook to learn more about all of the upcoming events, including a  beer tasting (Sept 21st ) and beer festival ( Oct 8th)!

Our next meeting is the  City WI Summer Fete will be held next Wednesday, the 14th of September  at 7:30pm the normal meeting room at the YMCA International Community Center.  This year’s fete will include many fun booths including:  cakes and refreshments , book swap and bookmarks, food bank collection, lace goods, bottle tombola, white elephant, things to make.  If you are able to bring any of the following to help makes these booths a success that would be greatly appreciated: any baked goods to sell, books you are happy to swap, food bank donations, a bottle of anything for the bottle tombola, or any presents for the white elephant stall.

We will also be finalizing the banner so if you have your square to contribute please bring that also, Or if you could kindly drop off to Sarah M at Curious? (20-22 Ave B, Sneinton Mkt, NG1 1DU) before the next meeting, that would be appreciated! The list is at:

See you all soon!

Homeopathy July Meeting

20160713_203653For our July meeting we had a lovely time exploring the various remedies that come from Homeopathic first aid. We learned  about some basic aids for bites and stings to easing the symptoms of influenza. Thank you to Wendy Jackson for walking us through all of the basics needed to begin on our own homeopath journeys.

We also discussed our interest in participating in the Brasket campaign. Braskets are hanging planters made from old bras. 20160713_185401We will be making braskets at this month’s Craft Club on the 27th of July from 6 – 8 pm at the crafty crow. Please bring along any clean bras you would like to donate to the cause. Along with a needle and thread or fabric glue to help turn them into braskets.

Our August meeting will be the 10th of August at 7.30pm in the meeting room at the YMCA International Community center on Mansfield road. We will be discussing upcycling  with the lovely Debra of Honey Bee . We will also be doing some upcycling of our own so – PLEASE BRING ALONG AN OLD T-SHIRT – Debra will be showing us how to turn them into bags! She will also tell us a little bit about what upcycling is and show us some of her fab work.

We will also be having a CLOTHES SWAP – bring along any clothes that you’d like to swap and go home with a whole new wardrobe! Please make sure all clothing is clean and is on a coat hanger so that we can display them on clothing racks. Any leftover clothing at the end of the evening will be donated to a local charity.

Also a reminder to all those contributing to the creation of our City WI banner. Please bring your square to the August meeting. We are hoping to have it all sewn up and on display for our September fete! List here :

See you all again soon!

June Meeting

For our June meeting we had a lovelIMG_7309y evening out discussing our pocket park plans in Debbie Bryan’s tea shop. Where we were delighted with some tasty treats and drinks before having a poke around all of the wonderful local artisan creations on offer. We then went on a tour  around our pocket park just off of Barker Gate to get a better view of all of the wonderful changes to come. Finally we shared a nice picnic to take in the park’s tranquility. Thank you to all of those who brought tasty treats to share, it made for a very enjoyable evening.



Our July meeting will be back in the meeting room at the YMCA International Community center on Mansfield road on July 13th starting at 7.30pm. We will have the lovely Wendy Jackson coming to talk to us about practical homeopathy and good health. You can learn more about Wendy and homeopathy at

Also a reminder to all those contributing to the creation of our City WI legacy banner. The list of delegated squares can be found at the link below. If you are able to bring your square to the August meeting so that we may stitch it together before the September fete that would be fabulous!

See you all soon!


April Meeting

We’re digging deep into our Pocket Park planning for our April meeting, ladies!  Our lovely friends from Maber Architects will be visiting to help us put together our perfect pollinator planting plan and it’ll be all things compostable with Anna from The Urban Worm – time to flex our creative muscles and help Verna Poppy come up with a beautiful design for our very own Urban Worm compost bin for our park!

Bee in lavender

~ Manton x