All about our January meeting!

We held our January meeting last week on the 11th and a lovely time was had by all! City WI member Mayumi Akagi graced us with a wonderful talk about her experiences volunteering in Japan to help with the earthquake/tsunami clear up and rebuilding.

Here are a few pictures from the evening –

City WI-ers were tremendously touched by Mayumi’s account of her experiences volunteering in Japan. When a national disaster strikes the worlds attention focuses on one area, as it did on Japan in March. But rebuilding shattered lives takes years, not days or months, and the work of volunteers to help to reopen playgrounds and recover family photos is invaluable.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the work of All Hands in Japan, click here.  And to see a video from ABC news about the work volunteers have been doing restoring family photos, click here.

We were also lucky in our January meeting when City WI member Lucy brought along some cupcakes to share! How beautiful are these?! Lucy made them during a cupcake decorating afternoon with local cake whiz Vintage and Cake. The cakes tasted absolutely lovely!

To find out more about cupcake decorating workshops with Vintage and Cake, click here.

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