Our birthday meeting – cake, cake and more cake!

Our birthday meeting was a blast – thanks to everyone who came along! We had a lot of new ladies come which is really encouraging for the future of our WI! We’ve gone from 18 member to 30 in 2011 and things are looking even better for 2012!

Our amazingly talented secretary Claire made lemon blueberry drizzle cake. OMG this was amazingly delicious!

Some highlights from this meeting –

  • Cake. More on that in a moment!
  • Linda, our new WI advisor talked about her history with the WI and her time as Chairwoman of the Notts federation, which was tremendously informative and funny
  • Kerry (thats me!) was voted to remain president for the forthcoming year

I made chocolate pretzel cookies!

Lovely Trista made cinnamon palmiers - these were lovely and so simple to make!

Frances made delicious snickerdoodles

Hazlenut and chocolate cookie balls from Erin - I had the sugar shakes and didn't get to try these but I hear they were amazing!

Finally, lovely new member Suzanne made us this fantastic birthday card! How amazing is this! I have a feeling that we’re going to be enlisting her as a speaker on a ‘make your own greeting cards’ night very soon!

Our next meeting is March 14th and we’re planning a pamper party! See you there!

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  1. Hello. The cinnamon palmier made my mouth water. I popped in to see your blog after reading about it in WI Life and am so glad I did.


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