Nottingham news!

Hello! We wanted to share with you some Nottingham news- let us know if there’s anything else you’ve heard of that we should feature on our blog!


I learned recently that the Newton building in the city centre is home to a pair of Perigrine Falcons who have been living there and raising chicks together for 10 years (awww!). You can see what they’re up to on the webcam here – the current babies are due to hatch around the end of April! According to the RSPB, falcons normally live in rocky seaside cliffs and uplands, and don’t usually to live in the midlands at all! Plus there are only about 1400 breeding pairs in the UK, so we’re very lucky to have them.

May fest

On Saturday 19 May 2012 from 11am to 5.30pm The University of Nottingham opens its gates for May Fest, a day of free, fun and interactive activities for all ages and interests. A full programme of events will be available soon – I can’t wait to visit the eco homes!

x City WI team

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