City WI Summer Fete update!


Just an update on our third annual City WI summer fete which will be taking place on the 7th of July, upstairs at Cape bar in Nottingham city centre.

Fete planning is already well advanced thanks to the efforts of Leanne, and we’ll also be calling on City WI members to help make the fete a success by baking cakes and helping out on the day.

We’ll update you more and pass around a sign up sheet at the May meeting on May the 9th

See you soon!



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  1. Hi, I have been linked to your blog through reading many a cake-related post – and your group sounds fab!
    Is the Fete only open to members, when is your next meeting, and how would I go about becoming a member? (Sorry for all the questions!)
    Jen x

    • Hey Jen!

      Our next meeting is June 13th and its all about gardening 🙂 You’d be most welcome to come along and see if you like it. If you decide you do and you want to become a member, the cost is £31.50 a year.

      The fete is open to anyone and we’d love to see you there

      BTW – its Kerry here – I run the WI! X

      • Reliased I never replied! Hello again 🙂

        It looks like I may have a work thing on the 13th 😦 but please keep me updated! Would it still be ok to come along to the Fete? It sounds fab!

      • Please do come to the fete, then we can meet! yay!

      • I will I will! Nothing else is allowed in my diary for that day 🙂

        What time does it start, and do I need to bring anything? (Happy to make some cakes!)

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