Homeopathy July Meeting

20160713_203653For our July meeting we had a lovely time exploring the various remedies that come from Homeopathic first aid. We learned  about some basic aids for bites and stings to easing the symptoms of influenza. Thank you to Wendy Jackson for walking us through all of the basics needed to begin on our own homeopath journeys.

We also discussed our interest in participating in the Brasket campaign. Braskets are hanging planters made from old bras. 20160713_185401We will be making braskets at this month’s Craft Club on the 27th of July from 6 – 8 pm at the crafty crow. Please bring along any clean bras you would like to donate to the cause. Along with a needle and thread or fabric glue to help turn them into braskets.

Our August meeting will be the 10th of August at 7.30pm in the meeting room at the YMCA International Community center on Mansfield road. We will be discussing upcycling  with the lovely Debra of Honey Bee . We will also be doing some upcycling of our own so РPLEASE BRING ALONG AN OLD T-SHIRT РDebra will be showing us how to turn them into bags! She will also tell us a little bit about what upcycling is and show us some of her fab work.

We will also be having a CLOTHES SWAP – bring along any clothes that you’d like to swap and go home with a whole new wardrobe! Please make sure all clothing is clean and is on a coat hanger so that we can display them on clothing racks. Any leftover clothing at the end of the evening will be¬†donated to a local charity.

Also a reminder to all those contributing to the creation of our City WI banner. Please bring your square to the August meeting. We are hoping to have it all sewn up and on display for our September fete! List here :  https://app.box.com/s/i8m40f33gr5romjcs4pmfsbcff9rzudq

See you all again soon!

June Meeting

For our June meeting we had a lovelIMG_7309y evening out discussing our pocket park plans in Debbie Bryan’s tea shop. Where we were delighted with some tasty treats and drinks before having a poke around all of the wonderful local artisan creations on offer. We then went on a tour ¬†around our pocket¬†park just off of Barker Gate to get a better view of all of the wonderful changes to come. Finally we shared a nice¬†picnic to take in¬†the park’s¬†tranquility. Thank you to all of those who brought tasty treats to share, it made for a very enjoyable evening.



Our July meeting will be back in the meeting room at the YMCA International Community center on Mansfield road on July 13th starting at 7.30pm. We will have the lovely Wendy Jackson coming to talk to us about practical homeopathy and good health. You can learn more about Wendy and homeopathy at  http://www.wendyjackson.org.uk/

Also a reminder to all those contributing to the creation of our City WI legacy banner. The list of delegated squares can be found at the link below. If you are able to bring your square to the August meeting so that we may stitch it together before the September fete that would be fabulous!

See you all soon!